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The thought of gambling online in your underwear was probably unheard of before online casinos existed. Although this may not be too appealing, this shows that the possibilities and freedom are endless at online casinos. There are many advantages playing at an online casino vs. a land-based casinos


1. Larger progressive slots

At land-based casinos, you are limited to the amount of space to place a network of physical slot machines. So you may only be connected to a dozen slot machines which produce smaller jackpots and increasing at a slower rate compared to online casinos. At online casinos, you are playing on an interconnected software network that links the most popular progressive slot games together. This produces a massive progressive jackpot because thousands are playing the same slot games; therefore it increases at a much faster rate.


2. No lineups at slot machines or table games

You probably remember the last time you were at the casino and you saw a game you really liked but there were no more slot machines left. Or the blackjack table was full. With online casinos, you will never have to wait again. Choose from the hundreds of slot machine games and table games available. You can even switch back between your favorite games with the click of a button. It’s that easy.


3. The payout ratios at online casinos are notably higher

The payout ratio expressed as a percentage is an average amount you could expect to win at a casino. For land based casinos, the average payout ratio is between 80-85%, and for online casinos, the payout ratio is 95% plus. To further illustrate, let’s take an example of a $1000. At a land-based casino you would expect to win $800 to $850, whereas at an online casino you would win $950 plus. The payout percentage varies on different games, but in the long run, you will have a better win percentage at an online casino compared to a land-based casino.


4. The rewards and bonuses are much more significant

To start with land-based casinos, the initial sign up offer is next to nothing. You may get $5 if the timing is right. In addition, land-based casinos do offer perks like free meals, beverages and sometimes discounted hotel rates, these perks would be for your average player. The high roller may receive a slight upgrade including food, limousine service or free hotel nights. But what most people don’t understand is all these rewards essentially come out of the player’s expense. The amount you have to spend to receive these “rewards” are outrageous, you could be spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. With online casinos, the first time you sign up you get a generous welcome bonus offer up to 150% of your deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 you would get a $150 bonus. Most online casinos also offer recurring bonuses on each additional deposit, plus you automatically qualify for their VIP program and start collecting points towards more free cash.


5. Saving time and money

We all know that the drive to an online casino for most people can be time-consuming and costly. With gas prices rising, why even bother to drive to a land-based casino? With online casinos, you can play at your own convenience, any time or day of the week. This is the beauty of playing at an online casino, within seconds you can be right in the middle of a blackjack game or roulette table.


6. No more crowds and intimidation

This may not apply to everyone, but some people are shy in land-based casinos especially for the first time. Others may avoid going at all because they may be discouraged by all the dazzling lights, ear-piercing sound, andland based casino casinofollower rowdy people that occur at a land-based casino. Likewise, all the people yelling and screaming at the craps table may become intimidated. Or it might be that the person doesn’t know how to play a particular game and does not want to be embarrassed in front of everyone. Well with online casinos you can set all those fears to the side because when you are playing online you are playing on one at all the casino games. In addition, if you are unsure of how to play a particular game, you can practice all day and master the game, by developing your own strategies at your own pace.


7. Cash is safer online than carrying in your pocket

The thought of carrying large amounts of cash in your pocket can be extremely risky. Even though there is tight security in a land-based casino, this doesn’t mean your cash cannot be lost. There have been instances in Las Vegas, where thieves watch people when they win big and then follow them outside and try to steal your money. Even though these are rare occasions, the possibility is still there when you play at a land-based casino. When you are playing online the chances are zero because your money is held in a virtual account. With trusted online casinos, you can be sure your money will be safe.


8. No tipping required

We all know that tipping at land-based casinos can be tedious. You’re probably wondering, why you would need to tip them when they make so much money. Well, the truth is live dealers do not make a lot of money, so they rely on tips and this is common at the poker tables. But not only that, if you win big at roulette or craps tables it is a common courtesy of tipping. On the other hand, the best part of online casinos is no more tipping! Whatever you win online is yours to keep, there is no need to give away your winnings back.

So there you have it, as you can see there are many advantages of playing at an online casino versus land-based casinos. There are not too many disadvantages, but the main ones I can think of is you won’t get the free coffee or soda. Also, you do miss out on the social interaction if you are that kind of person. But besides that, online casinos are the way of the future!

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