Online Gambling Payment Methods


There are many different ways you can deposit and withdraw at online casinos. Here we have reviewed the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods for our players.  All the payment methods are reputable, honest, and safe.  You can rest assured your money will be safe with these deposit methods and your personal information will NEVER be released.  All of the deposit methods reviewed will work for Canadians and most will work for International markets, there are a few exceptions.  However, if you do not see the deposit method you are looking for, you can check our casino reviews to see each casino and what methods they accept



Instadebit is a system that allows you to make payments to online casinos directly from your Canadian bank account.  The best feature is that it is free, there are no fees whatsoever. Instadebit charges the casino and not the customer(you).  It is one of the most popular choices for Canadians because your financial information is secured and you never have to release any of your details to the casino sites.  Setting up an account is easy, you have to enter your basic information and register at least one Canadian bank account.  Instadebit is a trusted payment processor and ensures the privacy and security of your financial information.  You do not have to provide any kind of credit card or upload any funds to your account.

Signing up for Instadebit is easy, you will need to provide your basic information as well as your SIN number, and the reason for this is to prove your identity.  As an extra security measure, every time you logon you will have to enter the last 3 digits of your SIN number.  Instadebit has a verification process when you register a bank account, they will deposit an amount less than $2 in order to verify your banking information is correct.  This is a security measure in order to prevent fraud.

Finally, once you are verified, sending money will be instant and painless. Instadebit is a trusted, safe, and secure payment processor for Canadians at online casinos.  To open up your Instadebit account, visit  To make a deposit click on the cashier then select Instadebit, your funds will appear instantly.



Skrill is by far one of the most popular methods of funding your online casino account. With over 21.1 million customers it is the most convenient method. Transferring money has never been easier between sites as well as withdrawing. To fund your Skrill account, you must provide your banking information or credit card to load your Skrill account.  It is one of the safest methods around. With Skrill, you can choose between 30 currencies depending on where you live and this makes it easier when transferring to the online casino.

Fees associated with Skrill are very reasonable. Adding money to your Skrill account will cost 1.9%.  Sending money will cost 1% up to a maximum of less than $1. Withdrawing money from the casino to your Skrill account will not cost you anything.

When depositing to the online casino with this method, you will only need to provide your email address.  This is one of the many reasons it is one of the safest methods. You do not need to give your credit card or banking information to the casino sites.  All your transactions can be viewed in the history section which can be accessed at any time. Skrill provides support of up to 12 languages and payment options in over 30 countries. To sign up, go to



Entropay is another great option to consider. It is fast, secure, and reliable.  Entropay is a virtual visa card that you can load funds on to.  Once the funds are loaded you can use the virtual visa card anywhere visa is accepted.  The great feature of a virtual visa card is that it limits the amount of money you can spend because you can only spend up to the balance you carry on your card.  You may also request a plastic MasterCard in which you can use at an online casino or anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  Entropay is very secure, you can play at casinos online without sharing your virtual visa card. It also gives you the option of destroying older virtual credit cards or creating new ones.

When you first set up an Entropay account you will choose your language, then pick between 3 currencies which are Euro, GBP, or US dollars.  If you are from Canada or another country that’s main currency is not listed, that is ok because Entropay will do the conversion rate when you deposit at an online casino.

To sign up for an Entropay card is free, as well as depositing at an online casino is free.  When you load money on your virtual visa card through debit or credit card there is a fee of 4.95%.  Receiving money from and online casino or any other merchant will cost 1.95%.

Overall, Entropay is a very popular choice for players around the world.  It is efficient service, trustworthy, and reliable. To open up your Entropay account go to  Once your account is created, you can go to the online casino’s cashier and select Entropay or Visa as an option.  If you select Visa you will need to enter your details from your virtual credit card which can be found when you login into entropay.


Visa and Mastercard

Credit cards are a trusted payment method to make purchases online.  It is a global payment processor and recognized worldwide.  There are no extra fees when depositing with a credit card, and your credit card details are encrypted when you use this method.  Deposits are fast and the money will appear in your cashier immediately.  Depending on the currency you deposit with, there may be some exchange fees if you are exchanging from one currency to another.

When you register your credit card, you may be asked to send some documentation including a valid photo ID, a bill that shows your address that is dated within 6 months, and the front of your credit card(you can blank out the middle numbers of your card).  As you can see the verification is strict when using a credit card and this is to prevent fraud.  Online casinos have a strict policy and they take matters very seriously.  This verification process could take after you make your deposit as well.

In general credit cards are safe and easy to use when depositing.  Most online casino sites do not let you withdraw back to your credit card.  You might have to use another method, this can include check withdrawals.  There have been lots of problems when using this method, and many times you will find that your credit card may get declined.  The reason for this is because Visa/Mastercard is trying to stay away from gambling sites.  This can be very frustrating for you, however, we recommend you choose an alternative deposit method if your credit card gets declined.



Click2Pay is another e-wallet option.  It provides service for up to 180 countries. Click 2 pay allows users to send and receive money instantly.  Click 2 pay is safe; they use the latest encryption technology with a 128-bit key. This is the highest security level to date.  Unlike other e-wallets, you do not have to fund your Click 2 Pay account directly.  Instead, you can provide your credit card or banking information, and then every time you make a purchase it gets taken out from your payment source.  This is beneficial because you do not need to provide your banking or credit card info to the casino site itself.

If you choose to add your credit card to your Click 2 Pay account, any money transferred to a casino site will cost 3%. However, if you transfer funds through your bank account it is free.  Another advantage of using Click 2 Pay, is that you can request a debit card which will allow you to withdraw your Click 2 Pay funds from any ATM machine.

Another security measure that Click 2 Pay uses, is a 5-star rating system. This system indicates how much money you will be able to transfer over a 7 day period. Initially, you will start low, however, the more transactions you make the higher rating you will achieve, and the more money you will be able to transfer. To sign up for Click 2 Pay, go to Once the account has been made go to the cashier and select Click2Pay in the deposit options.



Clickandbuy is a simple hassle-free online e-wallet.  Originally established in 1999, ClickandBuy now offers 50 local and international payment methods and billing in over 120 currencies worldwide.  Currently, it has over 13 million customers and offers the highest security standards.  Their systems are monitored by network specialists 24/7 to provide an extra layer of protection.  ClickandBuy has also been awarded several security certificates so you can be sure your money is safe and secure.

Getting started with ClickandBuy is simple and safe; you must register with your personal information, and then upload your funds to the e-wallet.  The fees are very reasonable; firstly there is no charge to send money to any merchants, in this case, an online casino.  Therefore you will not be charged on your deposit. However when you upload your funds with a credit card there is a 3.95% fee, but if you use any other method like direct debit or online money transfer to upload your funds then there is no fee.

Using ClickandBuy is fairly easy to use the method. To register an account, you can go to After the account is made and the funds are uploaded you can go to the cashier and find the ClickandBuy logo in the cashier.


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