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The Live Casino trend across the online gambling industry is anything but ceasing. Brand new games are being developed by the already well-established Live Dealers solution providers left and right. New developing studios are appearing, as well, and long-known slots developers are starting to create titles in this vertical.

The reason? Well, players’ interest in the thrill and excitement as closest to the experience at land-based casinos as possible. Players are absolutely enjoying Live Casino games. These games are fun, entertaining, and quite rewarding, designed with the aid of the latest technologies and following the latest trends.

One of the developers that continue shining in its Live Casino offering is Evolution. Evolution is the name behind some of the most successful launches industry-wide. It is considered the leader in its field and has been awarded for its products and solutions over two dozen times, at many respected award ceremonies.

Evolution was the first developer to make TV game show-style games popular in the online gambling industry, precisely with its hit release Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher has inspired many sequels, and even rival titles by other developers, and is the predecessor of a current hit, Crazy Time.

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Crazy Time was first presented at the ICE 2020 by Evolution, even though launched in July 2020. It was one of the most anticipated releases for the year, as it both sounded and looked highly entertaining. The final result? An absolute winner! Crazy Time outshined all of the previous TV game show-style Live Casino games, even its predecessor. Stay with us to learn how to play it to get the most out of it!


About Crazy Time

Launched on the 1st of July, 2020, Crazy Time is an exciting title based on the proven Dream Catcher money wheel concept, which comes packed with features. As Evolution put it back then, it is a game that offers more features and bonuses than any other game in its portfolio. And, the most expensive one to create, taking a year of Evolution’s time to develop it.

Once you find a casino to play it at, load it and you’ll see the friendly, jolly presenter, the host who will be with you throughout the entire time. Naturally, the centerpiece of the game is the money wheel. On the screen, at the bottom, you’ll see the betting options. There are eight different bets you can make, divided between the 54 segments on the wheel. Once you place your bet, the host will spin the wheel. If the wheel stops on the number you’ve bet on, you win. But the wheel can stop on a bonus segment, as well.

Any spin on the money wheel can lead you to the bonus rounds. But in order to play the bonus, you need to have placed a bet on the bonus. Four exciting bonus rounds can be triggered via the money wheel: Crazy Time, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Cash Hunt. Each of these four bonus rounds awards different Multipliers, so the fun and rewards never stop. But, if you wish to get the most out of them, then read the following strategy and tips carefully.


The Bonus Rounds Explained


The most appealing, and rewarding bonus, for that matter, is the Crazy Time Bonus, of course. Named after the game itself, this bonus is the star of the show. When triggered, you get a bigger, 64-segment wheel with three flappers on the screen. What’s best about the wheel, however, is that each segment consists of a Win Multiplier value. Your job would have to choose the yellow, blue, or green flapper, and you’ll get the reward written on the segment where that flapper lands. Brace yourself, as the flapper may land on Triple or Double segments, tripling or doubling your wins!

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The Coin Flip Bonus also takes you away from the main money wheel. It is a simple and the most frequently awarded bonus. You get a coin with different Multipliers attached on each side. One side is blue, the other one red. You need to select the side you think will win within the given time. If the timer runs out, the game will pick a side instead of you. If you’ve selected the side that won, you get that Multiplier. The chances of winning here are, as you can see, 50-50.

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You’re moved to a large wall filled with 16 Multipliers when you trigger the Pachinko bonus. The host will climb at the top of the screen and drop a puck. This pack can land on any of the 16 Multipliers, delivering a win. But it can also land on the Double field and double all multipliers. When this happens, the host drops the puck again, and this continues until all Multipliers reach a value of 10,000x. This is when the Double segment gets replaced with a 10,000x win.

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Lastly, you have the Cash Hunt Bonus, similar to the Pachenko. On the wall in this bonus, there are 108 Multipliers, hidden behind symbols that are shuffled so that it becomes hard for you to follow where they’ll appear. You need to shoot at the board, select one of the symbols and unravel the Multiplier hidden beneath it.


Strategy and Tips on How to Get the Best Out of Crazy Time

Sure, winning any payout on a Live Casino game would be bliss. However, in Crazy Time, to get to the most attractive payouts, you would need to trigger one of the four bonuses. So the strategy and tips are aimed at these four bonuses.

Naturally, if you want to get to the max 25,000x the stake win, you would need to place bets on the four bonuses. Considering this is a rather complex game, placing bets on the bonuses alone would not take you anywhere. You still need to place “number bets”, as they can be quite rewarding as well, during the Top Slot selection, where an additional Multiplier is added to your win. Without the Multipliers, the bonus rounds won’t give you exciting payouts, as these payouts would be 5x to 25x, up to 100x tops.

Therefore, make sure you bet a number that occurs the most. You can find that number on the payout table below the numbers. The best advice would be betting on one or two value numbers, like 1 and 10, plus the bonus segments.

Now, considering a bonus round is triggered every 6th spin, on average, keep your betting strategy this way. As far as the betting amounts go, start low, stagger the bets. This way, even if only your number bet wins, you could cover the losses for all the other bets you’ve placed, hence you’ll have a bankroll that lasts longer.

Also, following the 6th spin rule, make sure you check the game’s previous results. If there’s no record of a bonus hitting in the last 12 spins, chances are that it will actually land in the next 6 spins, so time your bets this way. However, keep in mind that this is not for granted. The game is quite complex, as said, and you may experience a losing streak. But you may also see a huge win on your way out of the blue!

Finally, don’t forget to be quick in your decisions. If you miss out on the time preset for each round, the game will be selecting options on your behalf. So, if you’re intending to place the same bets each round, use the Autoplay button. Have fun and enjoy playing Crazy Time!


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